Sunday School forms an essential part of the Coptic Orthodox Church, playing a vital role in educating our youth in matters of faith and history, as well as implanting the values of love and peace in our youth from a young age, preparing them to be the light of the world and sheep among wolves.

Sunday School began exactly 100 years ago, in 1918, when the Saintly Archdeacon Habib Girgis composed a syllabus to educate all ages of youth in matters of the church and spirituality. This helped cement the culture of religious education that has existed since the Coptic Church’s foundation, when St Mark established the world’s first Christian educational college: the School of Alexandria.

Moreover, the belief that youth are the key to the continuation of our faith is one that the church firmly holds. Pope Shenouda said that “A church with no youth is a church with no future.” 

At our church in Manchester, we have several Sunday School classes depending on age. Each class has its own syllabus set by the Church itself, and addresses the issues most pressing at that time of the young person’s life.

Please join us for Sunday School at our church every Sunday from 1pm – 2pm.


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You can find our full Sunday School syllabus below:



– Nursery –

– Year 1 –

– Year 2 –

– Year 3 –

– Year 4 –

– Year 5 –

– Year 6 –

– Year 7 –

– Year 8 –

– Year 9 –

– Year 10 –

– Year 11 –

– Year 12 –