Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Midlands, UK

The Seal of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the Midlands



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His Grace Bishop Missael


His Grace Bishop Missael is Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of the British Midlands.

He was ordained a General Bishop by the late Pope Shenouda III on the 25th May 1980 and was sent as the first bishop to serve the United Kingdom.

On the 26th May 1991, His Grace was enthroned as Bishop of the Diocese by His Holiness the late Pope Shenouda III. This was the first Coptic Orthodox diocese to serve the lands of immigration and the United Kingdom.

The Diocese is headquartered at St. Mary & St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Centre in Birmingham which is also where the Episcopal Residence is located. His Eminence established the Coptic Orthodox Centre in Birmingham in 1989.



The Diocese has a total of 8 Churches:



Coptic Orthodox Churches in Birmingham, U.K.


St. Mary & St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Centre, Birmingham

St. Mary & Archangel Michael’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, Birmingham

St. Mary & St. Antony’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Birmingham



St. Mary & St. Mina’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Stockport – Greater Manchester




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St. Mary & St. Philopateer’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Bolton – Greater Manchester




St. Mary & St. George’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Nottingham




St. Mary & St. Abaskhyron’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Llandudno



St. Mary & St. Cyril’s Coptic Orthodox Church, Liverpool




Map showing the area under the Diocese